Student Support and Records Specialist

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Administrative Associate II–Student Support and Records Specialist

The University of Tennessee is seeking applications and nominations for the position of Student Support and Records Specialist in the Animal Science Department, Herbert College of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. This full time, non‐exempt hourly position provides administrative support to the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Compile, summarize data, enrollment reports, surveys and questionnaires, prepare & maintain reports for Undergraduate and Graduate programs
  • BANNER overrides, force adding, adding minors, grade changes, change of majors and concentrations, drop/add, update advisors, update mentors, print DARS reports and transcripts
  • Coordinate with Undergraduate Coordinator, Graduate Director and Department Head to complete Animal Science timetable of course offerings each semester
  • Identify, troubleshoot issues, direct contact with Registrars’ Office and UTK Graduate School
  • Keep Graduate mentors informed of Graduate applicant’s status in Slate, communicate with Graduate applicants related to status of application, notifying Graduate Committee chair when application is complete
  • Coordinate pre/post admissions for incoming graduate students; including correspondence via email, verbal and written communications with graduate applicants and graduate mentors
  • Attend UTK Graduate Directors Workshop and inform Director, Graduate Faculty, Students of program content
  • Assess/Review applicants in SLATE, provide applicant status to graduate committee. Enter admission decisions for graduate applicants into SLATE, Keep faculty educated on SLATE and other relevant software
  • Develop/Maintain positive relationships with UTK Herbert College of Agriculture, Graduate Admissions, Graduate School, Registrar and Bursar’s Office and other entities
  • Assist Herbert College of Agriculture coordinate prospective student campus visits/tours for Animal Science faculty
  • Plan and coordinate annual Teaching Summit and Awards Banquet
  • Assist Scholarship Committee with reports/invitations/mailings
  • Other duties as needed and directed by Department Head and Supervisor