Beef Quality Assurance Program

The initial concept of Tennessee’s BQA program centers around using live cattle in a hands-on workshop. Producers can learn about the vital importance of injection site selection, proper injection techniques, and see the results of improper injection techniques. Recordkeeping is stressed because it helps producers track their costs and also provides a documented paper trail to prove to your buyers what treatments your calves have had. Proper cattle handling to reduce stress and bruises is also emphasized.

BQA Certification. The reason we offer BQA Certification is simple. Many buyers of feeder cattle are seeking out BQA Certified, source-verified calves. As a matter of fact, with some of the most highly regarded branded beef product lines, such as Nebraska Corn Fed Beef, the only cattle eligible for enrollment are BQA Certified calves. By establishing the BQA Certified program here, we are opening up a market outlet for those progressive cattlemen who become “Certified.”

Funding for the Beef Quality Assurance Program was provided, in part, by a grant from the Tennessee Beef Industry Council