Graduate Program

The Animal Science Graduate Program is dedicated to training graduate students in the multiple animal science disciplines. The underlying principles of the program for the students are to:

1) Develop an appreciation for knowledge in animal physiology (e.g., ruminant and monogastric nutrition, reproduction, or stress), animal health, or animal well-being (immunology, genomics, microbiology, pre-harvest food safety, or behavior).

2) Achieve a foundation to use the scientific method during the investigation of fundamental problems associated with animal production.

3) Enhance and refine verbal and written communication skills.

The Animal Science Graduate Program aims to comprehensively train and individually develop students so that they may be competitive to enter the diverse field of animal science. This often requires a mixture of general and specific training adapted to the individual student’s career goals. Animal science combines many disciplines including chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, genomics, and statistics; therefore, the types of MS and PhD programs available are flexible but of equally high quality. These programs rely on the selection of courses in both allied sciences and the animal science area itself. These courses, combined with the planning, conducting, interpretation, and reporting of an original research project, constitutes the general design of any individual graduate program.

The graduate research faculty and staff are diverse, offering a wide range of educational and experiential hands-on learning opportunities, and are committed to recruiting talented students. We have graduate alumni located all over the world, enjoying careers as leaders in government, academia, and in animal and biomedical industries!

Thank you for your interest. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you want to learn more about the Animal Science Graduate Program!

Program Contacts

J. Lannett Edwards Profile Page
J. Lannett Edwards
Professor, Animal Science

Brenda Dykes Profile Page
Brenda Dykes
Student Support And Records Specialist, Animal Science