Building and creating knowledge that integrates biology with animal care and productivity. Biology forms the base of many of the careers you may be interested in – veterinarian, farm manager, scientist, sales, Extension agent, field representative, pre-harvest food safety technician, and nutritionist, to name a few. By combining a core animal science curriculum with a focus in other science, technology, or business-related courses, you can design your own program that best prepares you for your future. To help, we have several concentrations that will help you build your curriculum. If you are in another major, consider a minor in animal science to strengthen your knowledge base. 

Classes are only part of the equation to successfully enter a career after college. Real-world experience, such as internships, along with developing communication, leadership, and proactive skills, are also key. A great way to do this →  Get InVOLved! A side benefit of getting involved in departmental club activities, research projects, etc., is a stronger relationship with faculty who are great sources for letters of recommendation!

Become a Vol – Your fUTure is now!

Program Contacts

Cheryl Kojima
Undergraduate Coordinator

Amber Rayborn
Student Success Advisor

August Westmoreland
Student Support & Records Specialist