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Bull Calculator Test

This calculator is used for testing new updates

This TAEP Bull Purchase Reimbursement Tool is provided as a public service by the Department of Animal Science and the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP). The TAEP Bull Purchase Reimbursement Tool is an online aid to help in determining a bull’s qualification and potential reimbursement amount in the Tennessee Ag Enhancement Program. The online tool is intended to be used as a guide to provide information based solely on data entered by the user. The TAEP Bull Purchase Reimbursement Tool is provided without any guarantees of acceptance. 

Refer to ​2019 – 2020 TAEP Beef EPD and Accuracy Requirements​ for all program requirements.

If documentation provided by seller includes blanks for EPDs or accuracies or includes any interim EPDs, pedigree estimates, pedigree index (x.I. I+, P, P+ P+ or 0.05 Accuracy), or parental averages, please contact TDA representative Ryan Betzelberger, livestock.genetics@tn.gov

If you ha​ve any concerns or questions, please contact TDA representative Ryan Betzelberger, livestock.genetics@tn.gov  

What is new for 2020-2021

  • Please refer to the Links section, including TAEP 2020-21 Genetics EPD & Accuracy Requirements – by breed, as substantial updates have been applied to the 3-Tier Bull Type system, in order to allow greater flexibility for producers.
  • Bulls are required to meet or exceed EPD and Accuracy requirements in each of 2 EPD groups (Calving Ease & Growth) for one of the following three bull types (Balanced, Calving Ease, or Terminal).
  • Suggested Maternal selection may be applied through an optimal Milk EPD range, which could help producers to match maintenance requirements of replacement females with available feed resources.

Bull Information

Genomic tested?


*** Pedigree must be submitted with reimbursement request and include EPDs, accuracies, genomic verification (if applicable), and have a printed date between October 1, 2019 and the date of purchase. ***

Reimbursement Eligibility
Calving Ease Bull
Balanced Bull
Terminal Bull

Calving Ease Group

CE acceptable?


BW acceptable?

Growth Group

WW acceptable?


YW acceptable?

Maternal Group

Suggested Milk EPD Range

Qualify as bull type?

Cost-share up to maximum of $0.00

** Reimbursements will be based on maximum allowed by TDA depending on genomic testing, sale price, and current Master Beef Producer Certificate. Please see “Examples of the TAEP Beef Genetics Program Cost Share” link below for more details. **

The results of the TAEP Bull Qualification Calculator does not guarantee reimbursement for the purchase of a bull through the Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact TDA representative, Ryan Betzelberger, livestock.genetics@tn.gov

** If printing from Firefox: Do NOT use the “Print Results” button. Instead, select Print from the web browser’s menu and scale to 80%. **