Huiwen Wang, wins first place at CRWAD 2021 Conference

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Huiwen gave an oral presentation in 2021 CRWAD to report his PhD dissertation research, which is focused on developing innovative immune intervention strategies to combat a panel of significant bacterial pathogens in food animals, such as E. coli, Campylobacter, and Salmonella. “Despite the challenging COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years,” his mentor Dr. Jun Lin said, “Huiwen has made significant progresses on his research. For example, his PhD dissertation studies have led to five peer-reviewed articles that have been published on high-impact journals, of which Huiwen serves as leading author for four papers.”

CRWAD is an international conference for animal diseases. This year was the 102nd annual meeting with 662 attendees (425 onsite and 237 virtually). Huiwen placed first out of 9 graduate students and received the Lynn Joens Memorial Award. The title of his abstract was: Enterobactin-based immune interventions against Gram-negative bacterial infections in Chickens.

Congratulations to Huiwen!