Tan Watcharaanantapong – Spotlight

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Animal Science is fortunate to have dedicated and talented professional staff that assists our faculty in their research and programs. We would like to take the opportunity to let you get to know them. Today we will meet Tan Watcharaanantapong.


Who are the team of faculty you work with and what is the primary research areas performed by you in the lab?

Currently, I am working with several faculty across the department in precision livestock farming (PLF) technology laboratory but primarily with Dr. Yang Zhao and partially with Drs. Leisel Schneider, Agustin Rius, and Liz Eckelkamp. I am focusing on precision livestock farming technology and data management under PLF lab.

What lead you to your research interest and what is your favorite procedure to do in the lab?

Precision livestock farming becomes a prominent tool for management of livestock by continuous automated real-time monitoring of production/reproduction, health & welfare and environmental impact which makes me interested in PLF. My favorite procedure in the lab is learning about new technologies to conduct research.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is to see faculty and students accomplish in their research.

What is your favorite activity outside of lab/work that makes Friday a day to look forward to each week?

Outside of work, I look forward to spend my time with my lovely son and husband. We love doing activities together: walking, playing at the playground, and working in our yard.


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Tan Watcharaanantapong
Data Analyst, Animal Science