Welcome Katie Mason!

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Katie Mason joins Animal Science as an Extension Beef Cattle Specialist in Nutrition Management. A native of Georgia, Katie’s interest in the beef industry began when she attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College for an Associate of Science in Animal Science. She transferred to the University of Georgia in 2013 to complete her Bachelor of Science. During her time there, Katie completed an Extension internship in Madison County, GA where she realized her interest in Extension and beef cattle nutrition. Katie then pursued graduate degrees which aligned with those interests. She completed both a Master of Science (2017) and Doctor of Philosophy at Auburn University under the direction of Dr. Kim Mullenix. Katie’s research focused on beef-forage systems, and she was involved in Extension programming during the 5 years that she spent at Auburn. She graduated with her Ph.D. in August 2020. Katie looks forward to working on applied research relating to grazing and supplementation systems for beef cattle and delivering Extension programming that addresses stakeholder needs in Tennessee.

We are excited to welcome Katie!